Feel Good Mini-Fest!

Saturday 20th July 2019, 11-5

Ocean Suite, Top Floor - Ocean, Exmouth


Feel Good in Body!

Feel Good in Mind!

Feel Good for the Planet!


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19 Reasons to Exercise

From neurons to hormones

Why your body needs a workout.

  1. Builds aerobic power. 
  2. Reduces blood pressure.
  3. Lowers Type 2 diabetes risk.
  4. Maintains immune system.
  5. Reduces body fat. 
  6. Keeps bones strong.
  7. Builds muscle mass.
  8. Improves breathing. 
  9. Boosts your energy. 
  10. Reduces risk of arthritis.
  11. Improves sex life.
  12. Brings better sleep. 
  13. Improves mood. 
  14. Lowers anxiety. 
  15. Feels like fun. 
  16. Reduces absenteeism. 
  17. Boosts memory. 
  18. Builds intelligence. 
  19. Lowers dementia risk. 


A day of 'feeling good'! 


We all want to feel good, right?


And we all know we need to look after our planet.


So lets give ourselves a few hours of nowhere to be, but to be inspired!, have some fun!, laugh and discover tons of easy ways we can feel good - in the body, in the mind, AND for the planet!


Because we're worth it!

Guilt-Free Retail Therapy

All things natural, organic, local, planet-friendly

On-Trend Exercise Demos/Classes

Fast or slow - your choice

‘Just 4U’ Treatment Corner

Therapies Galore!

Mindfulness & Meditation Tasters/Sessions

Give your mind a little rest

Healthy & Nutritious Street Food

Low meat, Vegetarian, Vegan

Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free

Fun & Creative Kids Space

Supervised - So you don't have to!

Wisdom Cave

Expert Talks & Interactive Workshops 

15% of all proceeds to:-

Exmouth Friends In Need

Joanna Toole Foundation

(Details below)

The views from the

Top Floor are spectacular!

We plan to be as

environmentally-friendly as possible!

reduce, reuse, recycle

How will we do this?

  • Display well-marked recycle bins
  • Offer re-usable food & drink containers 
  • Offset carbon use (plant trees/volunteer time)
  • Promote incentives to reduce, reuse, recycle
  • Be as zero waste as possible.



All our collaborators will do their best to help us achieve the above, but please forgive us if we miss one or two things; it's a transition for us all.

Also, throughout the event, we will be highlighting

TONS of, easy to implement, mini steps to become more eco-friendly

- making it all feel much less of a chore.

And if you'd like more inspiration,

come join one of our fascinating workshops!

We are honoured to be

contributing to these

two worthy causes!

The Joanna Toole Foundation

Sadly, as many of you will know, Joanna Toole died in the Ethiopian Airlines crash in March.


Joanna spent most of her young life in Exmouth.

As a child, Joanna was passionate about animals.  After the Community College, she studied small-animal care at Bicton, and then University for a degree in animal behaviour.


Joanna started her career with animal welfare charities, but by the time of her death she was working for the UN Food and Agricultural Organisation in Rome - where her projects were about cleaning up the Oceans.


Joanna had been on her way to speak at the UN's environment conference in Nairobi.


More about Joanna is easily found with an internet search.


Joanna's dad Adrian, whilst grieving, is currently setting up a charitable foundation to carry on Jo's work, and there is to be a permanent memorial to her in Exmouth.

Exmouth Friends In Need

Claire Austin has done what some may think to be impossible! 

Claire wanted to help those who were really struggling, so she set up a Facebook Group called 'Exmouth Friends in Need'.

People offer preloved goods, and recipients donate food in turn,

                                             for families on the breadline. 

In less than 5 months, it has grown to

more than 3.5k members! 

And Claire shows no

                                                                                                         signs of

slowing down!